About us

The Statistical Consulting Centre was formed in 1984 and has continued to build on its reputation across all disciplines. Our aim is to realise the potential and complexities of your data. We deal with real world issues in a practical, robust manner. We love statistics and have a wealth of knowledge to share, be it in our courses or one on one consulting – your data is important!

Our aims

  • To be a focus for the long-standing statistical consulting activities of the School of Mathematics and Statistics;
  • To promote the practice of appropriate and informative statistical methods;
  • To be a stimulus to relevant teaching in the School of Mathematics and Statistics;
  • To provide research problems whose solutions are of immediate practical interest;
  • To train advanced students;
  • To increase the awareness of the utility of statistical expertise;
  • To foster mutually beneficial contacts between the University and the wider community;
  • To act as a focus for statistical consultancy within the University.

Do you need to engage us?

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