Graham Hepworth


I have more than 30 years experience as a consulting statistician. I joined the Statistical Consulting Centre in 2000, having previously worked in the Victorian Department of Primary Industries.  I  have particular expertise and experience in the design and analysis of experiments, as well as in surveys and sampling.

I have undertaken projects across a wide range of fields, including medicine, dentistry, food science, education, law, ecology, languages, psychology, and especially plant and animal sciences.   I have performed work for a wide range of state and federal government agencies, small and large businesses, and individual researchers.

I have a Bachelor of Science (Honours), Master of Science, and a PhD, all in mathematical statistics from the University of Melbourne.  I am an active member and a past president of the Australasian Region of the International Biometric Society. I am an Accredited Statistician (AStat) of the Statistical Society of Australia

Some recent consulting projects

  • Development of a sampling protocol for NSW Environment Protection Authority to investigate incidents of pesticide misuse.
  • A series of experiments conducted by CSIRO Agriculture on the effect of dietary supplements on the production of greenhouse gases by sheep and cattle.
  • Analysis and publication of a study on EEG abnormalities in genetic generalized epilepsies.
  • Development of methods of ranking citrus rootstocks from experimental data, conducted for NSW Department of Primary Industries.



I am an Associate Professor of Statistics in the School of Mathematics and Statistics.  I have over 70 refereed publications, in a wide range of subject areas.  My methodological research has been mainly in estimating proportions by group testing (pooled testing), and in confidence intervals for discrete data, especially in relation to the binomial parameter.

My collaborative research, much of which has arisen from consulting, has been in many fields, including animal reproduction, plant pathology, cardiac electrophysiology, dentistry, nursing, water use, compost science, ecology, entomology, veterinary science, and neurology.


I regularly teach the intensive short courses"Design and Analysis of Surveys" and "Design and Analysis of Experiments" to participants from a wide range of fields. These are courses I developed using my extensive experience in surveys and experiments, which help researchers apply sound statistical methods to their research in practical ways.  I also developed, the 1-day workshop Introduction to GenStat.

I have previously taught both undergraduate and Masters level courses.  For a couple of years I taught the subject “Thinking and Reasoning with Data” to Master of Science students. Prior to that I developed and taught the subject “Experimental Design / Statistical Methods” to students studying agriculture, forestry, and related disciplines.

Graham's publications