Ian's Publications



2011 - 2015

Granger CL, Holland AE, Gordon IR, Denehy L.  Minimal  important difference of the 6-minute walk distance in lung cancer. Chronic  Respiratory Disease 2015; DOI: 10.1177/1479972315575715.

Finch, S. & Gordon, I. (2014).  The  development of a first course in statistical literacy for undergraduates. In MacGillivray,  H., Martin, M., and Phillips, B. (eds) Topics from Australian Conferences on  Teaching Statistics: OZCOTS 2008-2012, Springer Science + Business Media, New  York.

Gordon IR, Finch SJ.   Statistician heal thyself: have we lost the plot? Journal of  Computational and Statistical Graphics 2014;  DOI: 10.1080/10618600.2014.989324  (to appear in 2015).

Campbell T, Dunt D,  Fitzgerald JL, Gordon I.  The impact of patient narratives on  self-efficacy and self-care in Australians with type 2 diabetes: stage 1  results of a randomized trial. Health Promotion International 2013;  doi:10.1093/heapro/dat058.

Pierce  R, Chick H, Gordon I. Teachers’ perceptions of the factors influencing their  engagement with statistical reports on student achievement data. Australian  Journal of Education 2013; 57: 237-255.
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2006 - 2010

Campbell BCV,   Christensen S, Butcher KS, Gordon I, Parsons MW, Desmond PM, Barber PA, Levi CR,   Bladin CF, De Silva DA, Donnan GA, Davis SM and for the EPITHET Investigators.   Regional very low cerebral blood volume predicts hemorrhagic transformation   better than diffusion-weighted imaging volume and thresholded apparent diffusion   coefficient in acute ischemic stroke. Stroke 2010; 41: 82-88.

Fitzharris M,   Day L, Lord SR, Gordon I, Fildes B.  The Whitehorse NoFalls Trial: effects on fall rates   and injurious fall rates. Age and   Ageing 2010; 39: 728 – 733.

Hayward PAR, Horrigan ML, Hare   DL, Gordon IR, Matalanis G , Buxton   BF. Comparable patencies of the radial artery and right internal thoracic artery   or saphenous vein beyond 5 years:  Results from the Radial Artery Patency and   Clinical Outcomes trial. J. Thorac.   Cardiovasc. Surg. , 2010; 139: 60 - 67.

Lawford GJ, Gordon I.    The effect of offset correlation on positional accuracy estimation for linear   features .  International Journal of   Geographical Information Science 2010; 24: 129-140

Reeve JC,   Nicol K, Stiller K, McPherson KM, Birch P, Gordon IR, Denehy L.  Does   physiotherapy reduce the incidence of postoperative pulmonary complications   following pulmonary resection via open thoracotomy? A preliminary randomised   single-blind clinical trial. Eur   J Cardiothorac Surg 2010, 37 :1158-1166.

Reeve   J, Stiller K, Nicol K, McPherson KM, Birch P, Gordon IR, Denehy L. A   postoperative shoulder exercise program improves function and decreases   pain following  open thoracotomy: a randomised trial. J Physiother 2010; 56: 245 – 52.

McCullough MJ, Hepworth   G, Gordon I, Clemons KV, Stevens DA..  Molecular epidemiology of global Candida   dubliniensis isolates utilizing genomic-wide, co-dominant, PCR-based markers for   strain delineation. Medical Mycology 2009; 47 :789-795.

Gordon IR,   Hall, P.  Estimating a parameter when it is known that the parameter exceeds a   given value. Australian and NZ Journal of   Statistics 2009; 449-460.

Harrison DM,   Loughnan PM, Manias E, Gordon I, Johnston L. Repeated doses of   sucrose continue to reduce procedural   pain during prolonged hospitalizations. Nursing Research . 2009: 58 :427-434.

Buxton BF, Hayward PAR, Newcomb AE,   Moten S, Seevanayagam S, Gordon I.  Choice of conduits for coronary artery   bypass grafting: craft or science? European   Journal of Cardio-Thoracic Surgery 2009; 35 :658-670.

Forsyth DM,   Parkes JP, Woolnough AP, Pickles G, Collins M, Gordon I.  Environmental and   economic factors determine the size of the commercial feral goat harvest in   Western   Australia. Journal   of Applied Ecology 2009; 46 :101–109.

Marriott MP, Emery B,   Cate HS, Binder MD, Kemper D, Wu Q, Kolbe S, Gordon IR, Wang H, Egan G, Murray   S, Butzkueven H, Kilpatrick TJ.  Leukemia Inhibitory Factor signalling modulates   both central nervous system demyelination and myelin repair. Glia 2008; 56 :   686–698.

Hayward PAR, Hare DL, Gordon I,   Buxton BF.  Effect of radial artery or saphenous vein conduit for the second   graft on 6-year clinical outcome after coronary artery bypass grafting.  Results   of a randomized trial. European Journal of   Cardiovascular Surgery 2008; 34 :113–117.

Stevenson IH, Teichtahl   H, Cunnington D, Ciavarella S, Gordon I, Kalman JM.  Prevalence of sleep   disordered breathing in paroxysmal and persistent atrial fibrillation patients   with normal left ventricular function. European Heart Journal 2008; 29 :   1662–1669.

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Hayward PAR, Hare DL, Gordon I, Matalanis G, Buxton BF.  Which arterial conduit?   Radial artery versus free right internal thoracic artery: six-year clinical   results of a randomized controlled trial. Annals of Thoracic Surgery 2007; 84 :493–497.

Carey MP, Goh   JT, Rosamilla A, Cornish A, Gordon I, Hawthorne G, Maher CF, Dwyer PL, Moran P,   Gilmour DT.  Laparoscopic versus open Burch colposuspension: a randomised   controlled trial. BJOG 2006; 112 :999–1006.

Gun RT, Pratt N,   Ryan P, Gordon I, Roder D. Tobacco and alcohol-related   mortality in men: estimates from the Australian cohort of petroleum industry   workers. Aust NZ J Public Health 2006; 30 : 318–324.

2001 - 2005

Shah P, Bui K, Blackmore S, Gordon I, Hare D, Fuller J, Seevanayagam S, Buxton BF.  Has the in-situ right internal thoracic artery been overlooked?  An angiographic study of the radial artery, internal thoracic arteries and saphenous vein graft patencies in symptomatic patients. Eur J Cardiovasc Surg. 2005; 27 (5):870–875.

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Shah P, Seevanayagam S, Rosalion A, Gordon I, Fuller J, Raman JS, Durairaj M, Buxton BF.  Patency of the radial artery graft: angiographic study in 209 symptomatic patients operated between 1995 and 2002 and review of the current literature. Heart Lung and Circulation 2004; 13 (4):379–83.

Buxton BF, Raman JS, Ruengsakulrach P, Gordon I, Rosalion A, Bellomo R, Horrigan M, Hare DL. Radial artery patency and clinical outcomes - Five-year interim results of a randomized trial. Journal of Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery 2003 125 :1363–71.

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Selected publications from 1983–2000

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