SCC Seminar

Producing Quality Graphs

25 September 2023

11am to 12.30am part one

Lunch break

1.30pm to 3pm part two

Free seminar

for UoM staff and Graduate researchers

Students looking at a computer

This free seminar will discuss the principles of producing graphs to enhance the quality of your thesis and research presentations.

It will cover a software package freely available to University of Melbourne graduate research students and staff.

If you are frustrated about the quality of the graphs you are currently creating and how much time it is taking, this seminar is for you!

The first part will cover the principles.

The second part will cover practice, and will include a demonstration of Minitab software.

Software: Minitab

You may like to download Minitab software for the second session, but this is not essential.

You can download the Minitab software version 20 (for PC) here:

Minitab 20 is also available for Mac, but the current version does not have the full functionality for graphs that will be demonstrated using the PC version.

Mac users can access Minitab via myUniApps.

If you wish to use myUniApps, please make sure you have Citrix installed on your device.


Sue Finch

Associate Professor Sue Finch

Sue has worked in the  for over 15 years. Her roles include:

  • statistical consulting with clients from inside and outside the University of Melbourne
  • assisting post-graduate research students from the University of Melbourne through the Statistical Consulting Centre
  • teaching post-graduate courses for the University of Melbourne
  • developing and teaching tailored courses, both face-to-face and online
  • research in statistical education and communication

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Associate Professor Sue Finch

Mode of delivery

Face to face :

Evan  Williams Theatre G03

Peter Hall building  (160)


T: +61 3 8344 6995

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