Sandy Clarke-Errey


I have worked in the Statistical Consulting Centre for over ten years, having joined the Centre after completing a Bachelor of Science degree with Honours in Applied Statistics at the end of 2004 at the University of Melbourne. I worked part-time in the Centre whilst completing my PhD in Statistics, which was completed in 2010. The topic of my PhD thesis was the performance of multiple hypothesis testing procedures in the presence of dependence.

My work in the Centre has included projects involving survival analysis, survey design and analysis, bioinformatics, linear mixed modelling and data mining, and a diverse range of topics: from dentistry to traffic simulation to carbon trading and fire management.  I provide regular assistance to research students at the university and medical researchers throughout Melbourne Heath.  I am currently involved in a large-scale data mining project with application to biosecurity risk management through the Centre of Excellence for Biosecurity Risk Analysis. I have extensive experience with the statistical packages R, Minitab, Genstat, and SPSS.

I am an Accredited Statistician (AStat) with the Statistical Society of Australia and the current secretary of the Victorian branch council, having served on this council since 2009.


Since 2014, I have been lecturing and coordinating Critical Thinking with Data, a University of Melbourne breadth subject available to all first years. This subject seeks to equip students from all disciplines to handle and interpret data, as well as critique the use of data in the popular media, covering all stages of study design, data collection, analysis and interpretation.
Throughout the year I also assist in the teaching of the Centre’s "Statistics for Research Workers" using R and using SPSS courses.

Sandy's publications