Statistical consulting is the main focus of The Statistical Consulting Centre’s activities. Our team comes with considerable experience across all fields. Dealing with the complexities of data and solving problems in a robust and practical way, we have the experience, statistical understanding and drive to help our clients. Collaboration is the key to our success. Big or small data can be a challenge to navigate. Realise the significance it holds for today or the future.

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Here is a few examples we offer to our clients:

    • questionnaire design and data collection methods
    • study design, for experiments and surveys
    • choice of sample size
    • data management and verification
    • analysis strategies
    • modelling of data
    • data mining and analytics
    • interpretation of analyses and statistical reasoning
    • communication of statistical findings, tailored to the audience
    • quality graphical presentations
    • critical review of quantitative research and reasoning
    • statistical software
    • expert witness needs
    • statistics courses tailored to specific needs