Producing Excellent Graphs Simply

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Students looking at a computer

Do you need to produce graphs of your data, simply and effectively?

Are you frustrated by how difficult this seems to be?

Do you wonder how to represent statistical inferences graphically?

Workshop participants will:

  • Learn about modern research and insights into effective graphics;
  • Use software that produces excellent graphs simply and flexibly;
  • Be able to practise what they have learned by graphing their own data;
  • Receive hands-on instruction and tutorial guidance.
Graph of hot days in 2009

In the work of the Statistical Consulting Centre, there is an obvious need for good graphs.  We need to produce the graphs quickly, edit them easily, and be able to incorporate them into reports seamlessly.

In our view and experience, few of the statistical packages have well-developed graphical capacity. Some software is quite poor in this respect.  An important exception is Minitab, which we use and recommend for the overwhelming majority of graphical applications: it allows the production of publication quality graphics quickly and effectively, and has important editing capacity.

Our view is that it is worth considering the use of Minitab solely for graphical purposes, even if you have learned and use other statistical software for analysis. This option is particularly attractive to staff and students of The University of Melbourne, who are able to install Minitab at no cost, under the university's licence.

Professor Ian Gordon and Dr Sue Finch
Dr Sue Finch and Professor Ian Gordon

Workshop presenters:

Professor Ian Gordon, the Director of the Statistical Consulting Centre and Associate Professor Sue Finch, who have given many similar courses previously.

Course structure:

The first session of the day will commence at 9:15 a.m. and the final session will end at approximately 4:45 p.m. The sessions will mix lecture presentations with practical work using software; tutorial help will be available. A set of notes will be provided. Morning and afternoon tea are included; lunch is not included.


There are no formal prerequisites though it is expected that most participants will have had some experience handling data. The onus is on participants to check that the course suits their needs. Please do this carefully.

Cost and enrolment details

Full cost $385 (incl. $35 GST).

The University of Melbourne, graduate researcher student  $242
(incl. $22 GST, GST does not apply if paying through your University school.)

$30 Cancellation fee applies

The fee includes a comprehensive set of notes, and morning and afternoon tea.
Lunches are not provided.


Professor Ian Gordon
Dr Sue Finch


School of Mathematics and statistics
Peter Hall building
Wilson computer lab


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T: +61 3 8344 6995


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