Course Feedback

The feedback from participants in our courses is consistently very favourable. Some representative comments are shown below.

  • Statistics for Research Workers with R and R Markdown 

    "This course has really helped me to understand statistics and I'll be able to take the knowledge from the course and apply it directly to my work".

    "This course will definitely benefit those who carry out research in all disciplines. As a person who has very little stats knowledge, I've found it extremely informative and fascinating".

    "This course should be recommended to all PhD students".

    "My understanding of statistics and its relevance to my discipline has greatly improved."

    "This course came highly recommended to me by other researchers in my department and I now understand why! SRW was comprehensive, clearly presented with a good balance of exercises and visual display to aid your learning".

    "I would recommend this course to anyone who feels anxious when they hear the word 'statistics'."

    "The quality and consistency of teaching was the most remarkable feature of this course. I particularly found both lecturers' willingness to answer my questions patiently and respectfully helped the student learn".

    "This course was surprisingly engaging. Statistics has the  reputation of being dry but the examples from a wide range of human activity  were fascinating. The maths was not too confronting for someone from the  humanities and the exposition very clear. Highly recommended".

    "Informative and extremely useful".

    "An excellent course, which makes highly complex concepts simple to understand.It is extremely well organised and well taught".

    "I wish I had taken this course from the beginning of my PhD studies. I would have understood much more".

    R course

  • Introduction to R and Reproducible Research

    "The course will enable me to diversify my data skillset and usefulness in the professional services area. I can build on skills already learned and target roles that have a greater emphasis on managing data and reporting."

    "Incredibly structured and clear though at the speed of a bullet train through no fault of the lecturers!"

    "Great introduction to R. Reference material proving to be invaluable as I'm starting to use RStudio in my day to day work."

    "Exceeded expectations"

    "Material was clear, helpful to have links for further reading, and pointing towards "cheat sheets" for later."

    "Thank you - both Sandy and Cam were super personable, taught really clearly, were enthusiastic and happy to answer questions with patience"

    "Thanks for an excellent course. And I really appreciated the opportunity to attend in person rather than remote - I paid far more attention, met other researchers and got out of the house! Thank you for an excellent couple of days."

    "I enjoyed the pace of delivery, as it prevented me from getting bogged down, or losing focus. I also enjoyed the humour and personal examples that the presenters brought to the table."

    RRR workshop
  • Statistics for Basic Physician Training (FRACP)

    "Very comprehensive and easy to understand."

    The clarity of the material: "Excellent. I have very minimal background knowledge and have not revised many of these concepts since medical school, so was an excellent overview of key concepts."

    Did the workshop meet your expectations: "Yes, good basis and revision of statistics. Very unlikely to come up in working life and so helpful to have workshop like this."

    Did the workshop meet your expectations: "Yes. I hoped to cover basics which this course did with some excellent examples, as well as depth into more complex analysis."

    FRACP workshop
  • Mixed Models in R

    "Great friendly, chatty, caring environment created by Graham and Cam. Well done."

    "Very useful. I work in linguistics, where mixed models have basically become the norm, but I always used to find them intimidating. I feel that I can begin to use them now."

    "These were enormously useful to have at the same time. Particularly for running the code if we liked simultaneously. It was also really great when there were interpretations of the models/residuals etc."

    "Slides will be useful as a handbook for my own practices."

    "The exercises matched what was taught and helped consolidate learning."

    MMR course
  • Producing Quality Graphs Seminar - free

    "Thanks Sue, very helpful."

    "Thanks so much Sue! Certainly provides lots of food for thought."

    "...Zoom adds another layer of busy too. Watching again should fill any gaps. Overall fantastic presentation - Sue was clear, insightful, engaging and presented an excellent course."

  • Design and Analysis of Experiments feedback

    "An extremely worthwhile course for any scientific researcher."

    "Useful for practitioners in all areas of research."

    "A very comprehensive course which   has greatly enhanced my understanding of how to effectively design and analyse   experiments."

    "Well-presented course with a comfortable learning pace, pitched for all experimenters."

    DAE course
  • Producing Excellent Graphics Simply feedback

    "I was very happy with the choice   of tool, the exploration of it and the workshops pace and   breadth".

    "The workshop exceeded my   expectations, I found it extremely practical".

    "Very informative and   interesting".

    PEGS course